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test the best - shopping with friends - ski rental

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test the best - shopping with friends - ski rental

Boot fitting / ski boot adjustment in the Tuxer Sporthaus

We speak of normal feet, arched feet or flat feet. But there are an infinite number of combinations of size, volume and shape.

So why put all your feet in the same off-the-shelf shoes?

Hardly any piece of equipment is as important as the right shoe. Nowhere else are personal advice and individual adjustments as important as when buying ski boots. Due to the changed design in the ski area, there have also been numerous innovations in shoes in recent years. The fit and comfort of the shoes have been greatly improved.

With boot fitting, the shoe impresses the shape of your foot!

A pressing or sore shoe can ruin the most beautiful day of skiing. We take time for you with our specialist advice, measure every foot and choose the ideal shoe last shape together. If necessary, we will adapt the shell, inner shoe and insoles to your needs. Our boot fitting specialists know numerous ways of customizing ski boots: Heating up the inner shoe. Stretching the shell. It is also possible to mold special soles (adapted to your foot shape). This enables us to achieve a 100% fit for your new shoes. The ski boot is the most important element of ski equipment. Then skiing is even more fun.

How it works ...

heat up

The entire ski boot is placed in the oven for ten minutes at 80 °, 100 °, 120 ° C.

adapt to foot shape

Then the shell is taken out of the oven and you step into the warmed-up shoe on the cooling mat. Then stand still for two minutes with loosely closed buckles. This is how the shoe is adjusted and the shape of the foot is imprinted.


To do this, the cooling pack is wrapped around the shoe and cooled for five minutes. Then, thanks to FormFit, you are ready for fun on the slopes with your perfectly customized shoe.

Sidas insoles ... because every footprint is absolutely unique

SIDAS insoles are the perfect link between feet, shoes and body. 100% individually adapted soles mean a significant increase in comfort and performance! With the custom technology, your soles can be adapted exactly to your foot. The expert preforms the originally flat soles according to your footprint and then heats them. The custom soles are inserted into the footprint and follow the contours of your foot for maximum comfort.